Network Analysis Package for R

xUCINET is an R package for social network analysis which is meant to accompany by the book by Borgatti et al on Analyzing Social Networks Using R. At the moment, it is not available through Cran or GitHub, but can be installed via the instructions below. 

The package is written and maintained by Filip Agneessens.

For version information, see our Versions page. If you notice bugs or want to suggest an improvement, please use this Google Doc

Note that in various places it makes use of several other packages, including sna, ergm, blockmodeling, and igraph.


To install the package, follow these instructions. 

1- Download the current version (xUCINET_0.0.2.0020.tar.gz) or the previous version  xUCINET_0.0.1.0022.tar.gz to a folder you can remember.

2- Start RStudio 

3- >install.packages("blockmodeling")  #unless you already have this installed

4- go to the top bar and select: Tools > Install Packages

5- in the 'install packages' window, set "install from" to "Package Archive"

6- select the file you downloaded in Step 1.

7- In the R-Studio console, activate the package:

> library(xUCINET)

8- To see documentation of a function:

> ?xDensity

9- To see documentation of a dataset:

> ?Krackhardt_HighTech

Bugs and Improvement Requests