This page provides access to current and past versions of the xUCINET package for R. It explains what's different in each version. Instructions for installing versions of xUCINET can be found on the xUCINET main page.

Version 2.0020

This is the recommended version. Strangely, it follows from version 1.0022.

Fixes and Changes

  • xBetaCentrality was crashing when used with directed data

  • xStructuralHoles was defaulting to the "whole network" version instead of the "ego network" version (which is the one Burt intended). The difference is that, when computing constraint for a given node, the egonet version only considers alters ties to other nodes in the ego net, not nodes unconnected with ego. In addition, the ego network version was giving incorrect results.

  • xBetaReachCentrality was giving incorrect answers when beta = 1 and the un-normalized scores were requested.